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Version 1.4 released!
You can evaluate the LinesOfCodeWichtel on !


What is a LinesOfCodeWichtel?




What is a LinesOfCodeWichtel?

The most important thing: The LinesOfCodeWichtel is FREEWARE !

The LinesOfCodeWichtel is a Lines of Code (LOC) Counter. Code lines, blank lines and comment lines are counted separately. It counts lines of code in  C++, C#, C, JAVA, JSP, BASIC, HTML, XML, CSS, AS, RUBY and PHP programs per default. Other languages can be added via a configuration window.

Features Version 1.0:

Updates in Version 1.4:


More screenshots of the Wichtel

In order to use the LinesOfCodeWichtel, you will need at least the Java Runtime Environment in version 1.6.

Please give me some feedback:

Please also mail me if you have some good ideas about something to add to the LinesOfCodeWichtel.

Please write mails to:

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Doubleclick the jar-file after downloading it. If Java is installed, the Wichtel will start.
  1. Take a look at the preferences and edit them if you want.
  2. Choose your filetypes on the right side of the main window
  3. Choose your paths and files (paths will be searched recursively) on the left side of the main window.
  4. Click the button "Count now".
  5. The results will be shown. It is possible to get results for every single file, or to get the results for a specified directory. If you doubleclick a file, you will see a fileviewer showing how the Wichtel counted that certain file.

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